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Investor FAQs

Investor FAQs


5500 Wayzata Boulevard, Suite 1600
Minneapolis, MN 55416

We utilize a 52- or 53-week accounting period that ends on the last Sunday in December. Our next 53-week year will occur in 2017.

We became a public company on November 20, 2003.

The CUSIP for BWLD is 119848109.

Our stock trades on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol "BWLD".

BWLD shares can be purchased or sold by working with a registered broker.

No, BWLD stock is not sold directly from the company.

No, BWLD has not in the past and does not currently pay a cash dividend.

If you are a registered shareholder, please contact our transfer agent for questions concerning transfer requirements, duplicate mailings, change of address, or other stock-related questions:

Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company
17 Battery Place, 8th Floor
New York, New York 10004
Phone 212-509-4000, Option #3

Historically, BWLD shareholder meetings have been held annually in May. Shareholders will be notified in advance of the time and place of the annual meeting.

If you are a shareholder of BWLD as of the record date of the shareholder meeting, you are eligible and invited to attend.

Copies of our SEC filings can be downloaded from this website under the Financial Informations tab.

Earnings are typically reported about four weeks following the close of the fiscal quarter and about six weeks following the close of the fiscal year. Upcoming events and earnings announcements are listed in the Events and Presentations tab. A press release announcing the earnings is sent via wire service and also posted in the Press Releases tab.

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