Board Member


Jerry R. Rose

Jerry R. Rose served as Corporate Vice President of Cargill, Inc. from 2004 to September 2012. Mr. Rose began his career at Cargill as a Financial Management Trainee and, during his 40-year tenure there, had multiple roles in the Accounting and Finance departments and gained extensive restaurant and supply chain expertise. Mr. Rose spent almost one half of his career working with a large number of restaurant chains, many of which were multi-national. Mr. Rose’s responsibilities included approving major dedicated supply chain operations and major innovation models, all of which required a significant understanding of each chain’s strategy. He drove the strategy for Cargill’s international investment activities and acquisitions, He played a major role in developing Cargill’s international investment activities, as well as serving as chair of the Cargill Business Excellence Committee, which focused on developing high-performance businesses in Cargill worldwide. Mr. Rose was assigned to Sunny Fresh Foods, where he worked for 12 years, rising to President in 1995.  Under Rose’s leadership, Sunny Fresh Foods became the first food company to receive the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award in 1999.  He was a member of the Corporate Center and a platform leader for the Cargill Animal Nutrition, Animal Protein & Salt Platform and the Cargill BioFuels, BioIndustrial & Emerging Business Platform. He is a past member of the North Dakota and Arkansas State Societies of Certified Public Accountants and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Mr. Rose is a financial expert who brings to our board experience in strategic planning, acquisitions and capital allocation. He has senior management experience in a large global organization and is an important resource to the company as it expands both domestically and internationally. He brings expertise in food production and processing, food manufacturing, financial markets, transportation and animal nutrition. Mr. Rose is also Chairman of Board of Daybreak Foods, a privately held large egg production company operating in the United States.  Mr. Rose is a past member of our Governance Committee and served as our Board chairperson from January – August 2017.  Mr. Rose currently sits on our Audit Committee.